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I am an entrepreneurship activator. Having worked with uncountable number of entrepreneurs both seasoned and aspiring, women and youth, in developed countries such as UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Malaysia, Spain, Italy, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Belgium, etc. and countries from less developed regions of South Asia, Far East and Africa, I now want to share my experience with wider community as an active blogger.

My expertise are in the areas of entrepreneurship, enterprise development, business development services and entrepreneurship education. I have written a number of research papers in renowned international journals and have won awards.

I am currently engaged with the Cranfield University’s School of Management as Senior Lecturer and the Director of MSc Entrepreneurship and Management. My previous appointments in academia included the University of Bedfordshire (Principal Lecturer and Director Research-Centre for Women’s Enterprise), European Business School (Senior Lecturer) and the Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan (Manager-Small and Medium Enterprise Centre).

I have served as a consultant for enterprise development to several national and international organisations such as the Government of Pakistan, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Union, the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, Luton Borough Council, Prowess, LEAD, IUCN, UN-APCTT, ILO, and EEDA.

In recognition of my services in academia and research, I have been awarded:

  • ICSB/GIWE/IJGE/CWEL Best Paper Award, 2013
  • Emerald Literati Network Outstanding Reviewer Excellence Award, 2013
  • NCEE European Entrepreneurship Educators (3ep) Fellowship Award, 2012
  • Emerald Literati Network Highly Commended Paper Excellence Award, 2011
  • ICSB/NWBC/IJGE Best Paper Award on Women’s Entrepreneurship, 2009
  • University of Bedfordshire Commitment Award, 2009
  • University of Bedfordshire Commitment Award, 2008
  • University of Bedfordshire Dean’s Prize for Research, 2008-09
  • NCGE Entrepreneurship Educators Fellowship Award, 2008
  • Prowess UK Women’s Enterprise Researcher of Year – 2008 (Finalist)
  • Prowess & Lloyds TSB Innovator Award in Women’s Enterprise Development, 2007
  • Government of the UK Research Scholar, 2005
  • University of London -Thomas Holloway Scholar, 2004
  • World Bank/Joint Japan Graduate Scholar, 2003
  • Reinhard Mohn Fellowship Award (Bertelsmann AG), 2002-03
  • Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Fellowship Award, 2001

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  1. Niaz Husain says:

    Hello Sir,

    Very happy to subsrcibe to your blog.

    Looking forward to reading some informative and motivational articles.

    Wishing you all the best and more.



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