Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC 2012) – 11 Lessons to be Learnt

I am in Liverpool this week, attending the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC-2012) – “the largest gathering of start-up champions from around the world”.  According to the official website, “It’s about unleashing potential and the will to win, inspiring people to realise their ambitions, and exciting them to make it now.”

Yesterday (March 13) was a busy day, full of sessions of speeches, panel discussions and debates.  Almost three thousand existing and potential entrepreneurs, academics, policy makers, corporate leaders and people from other walks of life gathered in the Liverpool Arena to listen to a fantastic line-up of some of the world’s best business minds, including Richard Branson, Terry Leahy, Martha Lane Fox, Lord Heseltine, and Ashok Rao. While sitting and listening to these fantastic people I have learnt following lessons and sharing these with all the potential and existing entrepreneurs, in case you missed to be here.

  1. First of all, decide to be an entrepreneur.
  2. Be courageous, don’t fear. If you look for the truth you can “bring change”.
  3. Spotting opportunities and acting upon them before anyone else, always pays.
  4. Innovate, innovate, and innovate! Generate ideas and act on the best one after evaluating it carefully.
  5. To build a business, you have to learn the art of delegation. Go and find people who are better than you and give them flexibility and freedom to perform.
  6. The best marketing is “free marketing”. Learn the art, and grow your business exponentially.
  7. You can survive and grow only if you are better than your competitors. Learn about your competitors.
  8. Play on your strengths.
  9. If you want to excel, just concentrate on the “good work” and the money will follow. Stick to your value set.
  10. There’s no one formula for success. You are unique, go and find your own unique success factor.
  11. Always offer the best possible product / (service) to your customers and they will be “yours forever”.

I am here till Friday attending a number of other activities including the European Entrepreneurship Educators Programme (3EPUK), meeting a lot of other interesting and inspiration individuals. Are you interested to know what else I will be learning about entrepreneurship during the next two days? If yes, then follow me on Twitter @MARoomi

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